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Josephine Zhaos backers campaign at public school enrollment fair — despite candidates

first_imgTen or more canvassers, purportedly working in shifts, urged attendees at Saturday’s public school enrollment fair at the Mission’s John O’Connell High School to vote Josephine Zhao onto the school board. This occurred in spite of the candidate’s well-publicized “withdrawal” from the race in early September, after revelations that she sent Chinese- and English-language supporters conflicting messages, and had impugned her fellow candidates as “two transgender candidates … fighting for the title of ‘first transgender commissioner’ … There are also three homosexuals. Their highest priority for education would be to spread ideologies.”Public school parents, however, were purportedly told by the canvassers to vote for Zhao anyway, as “she’s still on the ballot.” This is true; Zhao’s “withdrawal” came at too late a date to remove her from the running for November’s election. Event attendees were also allegedly told they should vote for Zhao because “the Chinese community needs her.” This, of course, is a more subjective matter. Multiple attendees said the Zhao canvassers, who were described as older Asian men and women, were organized and working in shifts, and handing out English-language campaign material (the flier, obtained by Mission Local, describes Zhao’s impoverished upbringing in China and her hard work since arriving in the United States 30 years ago at age 19; it is labeled “Immigrant Story Part I” in its upper right-hand corner).  Email Address Reached via e-mail, Zhao wrote, “I had nothing to do with the canvassers over the weekend. My supporters have taken it upon themselves to support my former candidacy and to support having Chinese representation on the school board. They must still [have] had literature from several months ago. Please contact them directly if you want further details.”She did not answer our question of whether she would serve if elected. District 6 supervisor candidate Christine Johnson, District 2 Supe Catherine Stefani and Sheriff Vicki Hennessy have publicly dropped their support of Zhao, but her marquee endorsers — including Mayor London Breed, Sen. Scott Wiener, Assemblyman David Chiu, former supervisor and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma — have not yet done so, despite several of them counseling her out of the race. One day prior to her canvassers showing up at the Oct. 13 enrollment fair, Zhao commented via her “Josephine Zhao for School Board 2018” Facebook page for the first time since her Sept. 10 “withdrawal.” In her brief post, Zhao praised an article written by an LGBT Chinese woman who salvaged her relationship with her parents thanks, in part, to Zhao. “I am committed to be an ally of LGBTQ community and agent to bring the immigrant community forward,” Zhao wrote on her campaign Facebook page.  Multiple city politicos have reported Zhao’s storefront campaign signs have been refreshed, even since her Sept. 10 withdrawal.Zhao, in 2013, joined with reactionary, anti-LGBT groups to protest the state’s proposed gender-neutral bathroom bill, AB 1266. This is something left-leaning opponents have tossed back at Zhao and her allies through the years, and she has issued apologies. Mission Local, however, was able to document that Zhao has, repeatedly, downplayed the extent to which she was involved in the effort to undo AB 1266, helping to circulate and collect a petition put out by the Pacific Justice Institute — which is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “an anti-LGBT hate group.”Via the WeChat Chinese-language messaging system, Zhao communicated with scads of followers. She filled hundreds of paid spots on Wiener’s 2016 state senate campaign, while attacking his opponent, Jane Kim, as a “homewrecker/career-wrecker.” Zhao in 2016 also referred to supervisor candidate Sandra Lee Fewer, who was running against Marjan Philhour for the District 1 seat, as “Chinese trash” and a “race-traitor.”This 2016 WeChat from Josephine Zhao reads “Chinese Trash Sandy Lee Fewer really doesn’t deserve to be in politics, if she became Supervisor she is not only hurting our kids but also our families. Before passing these policies she didn’t listen to Chinese voices, after they passed she said we misunderstood. What a race-traitor. It is impossible to change these policies now. Hope everyone can pull parents of Richmond schools like George Washington, Presidio, Argonne into the group, so they can see the truth.”The Examiner documented Zhao, via WeChat, sending her core Chinese-language supporters different messages than what she communicated in English.  Cantonese speakers have told Mission Local that WeChat users have, since Zhao’s ostensible withdrawal, urged users of the service to vote for her regardless. The volume and fervency of those messages, we are told, has increased of late, with Zhao’s supporters allegedly even calling for some manner of press conference this weekend, to urge the community to support her in the coming election and spur her to run.Even with Mayor Breed’s appointment of Faauuga Moliga to a vacant school board seat, there are still 19 candidates on the ballot running for three spots — with no incumbent other than Moliga, who is still running in November’s race.This WeChat, sent on Monday, Oct. 15, calls for a weekend press event featuring at least 100 Zhao-backers, to show support for her and urge her to run. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Several parents in attendance told us the Zhao canvassers did all of this within John O’Connell High School at the voter-rich enrollment fair — a transgression of rules every other candidate or their backers respected.  last_img read more

Moon Rocks Megabytes and Fruit Flies Space By the Numbers

first_img0.5Percent of the U.S. federal budget that currently goes to NASA.17Days the Apollo 11 astronauts were required to spend in medical quarantine after splashing back down to Earth.2Number of times the Apollo 12 mission’s Saturn V spacecraft was struck by lightning just after it was launched, on November 14, 1969.NASA340Record for the most consecutive days a NASA astronaut—specifically, Scott Kelly—has spent in space.665Record for the most cumulative days a NASA astronaut—specifically, Peggy A. Whitson—has spent in space.6Number of U.S. flags that have been planted on the moon.41Time span, in months, during which all of the manned lunar landings took place (July 1969 through December 1972).4.76Speed of the International Space Station, in miles per second.133Number of successful U.S. space shuttle missions.NASA0.078Amount of memory, in megabytes, installed in the computer used by Apollo 11 mission astronauts. (The iPhone X has a minimum of 64,000 MB.)236Number of people who have visited the space station.6Number of Apollo missions that landed on the moon.100Number of tampons NASA offered astronaut Sally Ride for her weeklong trip on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983.20,000,000A federal court’s high-end estimate of the worth, in dollars, of the moon rock and Martian meteorite samples that three interns stole from the Johnson Space Center in the summer of 2002. After the theft, one of the interns placed the rocks on his bed and had “sex on the moon” with one of his fellow thieves.1947Year the first animals—specifically, fruit flies—were sent by the U.S. into space.12Number of people who have walked on the moon.0Number of people who have walked on the moon more than once.92Percent of men who walked on the moon who were once Boy Scouts (eleven of the twelve).842Weight, in pounds, of lunar rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand, and dust the six lunar landing missions brought back to Earth.12Number of pairs of moon boots that were left on the moon to compensate for the weight of those 842 pounds of lunar samples.355Number of people who have ridden on space shuttles.This article originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “Space, By the Numbers.” Subscribe today. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Leave them blank to get signed up. Never Miss a StorySign up for Texas Monthly’s State of Texas newsletter to get stories like this delivered to your inbox daily. The State of Texas(Daily)A daily digest of Texas news, plus the latest from Texas Monthly Editor’s Desk(Monthly)A message from the editors at Texas Monthly Enter your email addresscenter_img Sign UpI agree to the terms and conditions. This Week in Texas(Weekly)The best stories from Texas Monthly First Name Last Namelast_img read more

HAVE you ever bought someone a gift and had to kee

first_imgHAVE you ever bought someone a gift and had to keep it a secret? It can be very tough, especially when you know that it is something that your loved one will really enjoy, writes Paul Johnson, Club Chaplain. A story is told, in our family, about me when I was about six or seven years old. I had saved up my money and bought my older brother an Everton scarf for his birthday. I was bubbling with excitement, because it was probably the first time that I had actually used my own money to get him a present. I had to keep it a secret. One day, when we were having our tea, my brother asked me about my day. Without thinking, apparently, I said, “I’ve had a great day, but it’s hard to not tell you about the Everton scarf that I’ve bought you, but I’m doing really well at keeping it a secret!” Great! Secret blown!Another pressure which we sometimes feel, around this time of year, is when we open a present and it isn’t quite what we hoped to find inside. You know the feeling… and the response! We smile, slightly grit our teeth and, somewhat insincerely, say, “Thank you very much, that’s lovely!”I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt when they received their gifts following the birth of Jesus. We don’t know whether the shepherds took anything along. Who knows what the innkeeper thought – a baby having been born in his stable! Then there’s the Wise Men. Granted, they probably arrived a couple of years later, but what can a family with a toddler do with some incense (frankincense) and some embalming fluid (myrrh) – some gold, well, fair enough, they could use that!Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. It is a time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. There’s no doubt that he was born and lived, the question is, ‘why did it happen?’ Christians say that Jesus was God’s unexpected gift to the world. A peacemaker in a time of crisis. How our world could use that right now!My questions to you, this Christmas time, are, “What is your gift to the world?” and, “What unexpected thing could you do, to bring a smile to the face of another person?”Time flies, so we will be back at the Totally Wicked Stadium for our frendlies and the start of the new season, very soon. Rugby League is returning to the world! Have a fantastic Christmas and may God bless you in 2017. COYS!last_img read more

Academy Reserves SAINTS TV

first_imgThe next U19s game is against Warrington Wolves and will take place as a curtain-raiser to the first team game at the Totally Wicked Stadium when we face off against Hull KR. The U19s match will kick off at 5:30 pm on Friday 29th March.Tickets for the first team game are available from the Club Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium, by calling 01744 455052 or by clicking here.You will need to purchase a ticket for the main match to watch the Academy.last_img

Wilmington Railroad Museum WWAY begin reading series of The Polar Express

first_img The railroad museum will host the readings each Saturday at both 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.We will also have a special reading Sunday, December 17. It’s a great way for you to come see what the Railroad Museum has to offer this holiday season.“Oh, it’s great fun,” Mike Koenig, museum director, said. “It’s happiness, Santa of course will be here. He always looks forward to hearing the kids wishes and finding out a little bit about them as well.”Related Article: Pine Valley Library to open shortly after Myrtle Grove location closureAdmission is $5 and free for kids two and under. You need to reserve a spot to take part in the reading, click here to do so. Join WWAY at the Wilmington Railroad Museum for the reading of “The Polar Express” reading, (Photo: Andrew James/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids on the weekend, the Wilmington Railroad Museum has you covered all month long.WWAY is pleased to announce we will be taking part again this year in the annual readings of “The Polar Express.”- Advertisement – last_img read more

Daughtry performing at Wilson Center in March

first_img The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m.Cape Fear State Members may purchase tickets beginning Thursday at 2:00 p.m. online at Tickets will be on sale to the public beginning Friday at 10:00 a.m. online and at 2:00 p.m. by calling Ticket Central or visiting the box office at the Wilson Center.Related Article: BMW of Wilmington donates to CFCC for automotive scholarships Daughtry (Photo: CFCC) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Daughtry is coming to the Wilson Center on March 14, according to a news release from Cape Fear Community College.As the front man for the band bearing his name, Daughtry rose to prominence during the fifth season of American Idol. He has released four albums. His self-titled debut was the best-selling album of 2007 and contained four Top Twenty hit singles.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Neighborhood slammed by Florence prepares for another storm

first_img “They’re drying out their houses now. They got dehumidifiers, fans. And now, worried that, is it just going to get wet again?” said Cross Creek resident Sarah Robles.Since the water receded, homeowners have been trying to prevent any further damage to their homes.Now they must prepare for more rain and wind.Related Article: WaterStep brings clean water to communities in North Carolina“Whoever has roof damage, has siding damage, has windows leaking, any of that stuff. That now, they went from drying and weeks of drying, to getting moisture again,” said Robles.The neighborhood formed a makeshift campsite where people could sleep or pick up supplies.That all had to be broken down ahead of Hurricane Michael.“We have been here since about 8:30 this morning helping to pull all of this together and I believe there was about 35-40 volunteers that have helped out in some capacity,” said Emily Ondish, a volunteer with Renovation Church in Hampstead.“It’s been really encouraging to watch the community here really rally around each other. This is just one pocket of our community, and I believe that it’s just a picture of what’s been happening all around the Hampstead area,” said Ondish.After the storm passes, the tents and tables will not be set back up.Neighbors can now get supplies directly from trailers. HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — As Hurricane Michael takes aim at the Carolinas, one of the area’s hardest hit by Florence is now preparing again.Just a few weeks ago, sewage-filled floodwaters covered the Cross Creek neighborhood in Hampstead.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Want to be a storm spotter Heres where you can get training

first_imgLightning spotted in North Topsail on June 14, 2018. (Photo: Lizzie Murray Hourigan) COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Spring-like weather can feel great after a long winter, but it also can bring stormy weather.Thunderstorms become common, but some can be stronger than others. The National Weather Service needs your help in spotting the difference between an ordinary thunderstorm and one that could produce severe weather like hail, straight line wind gusts, or tornadoes.- Advertisement – Storm spotters help fill in the gaps between surface weather stations and radars by providing reports to the NWS meteorologists in charge of making life-saving warning decisions. Not only can spotter reports improve warning lead time, they add accuracy and detail of the threat. Spotter information is also used to verify warnings, which researchers use to improve the warning process.The National Weather Service, in partnership with the Columbus County Emergency Management is holding a free SKWYWARN spotter training at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 4 at the 40 Government Complex road in Whiteville.Related Article: Affordable housing project complete for disabled homelessYou can find more information here or contact read more

The story of Jakub

first_imgThanks to the EU Jakub has been able to protect the forests of Slovakia and help reduce the hunting of wolves. He believes that it is important for people to spend time in nature from a young age so that their love for the environment grows.This is a real-life story – one of 119 which have been produced, reflecting the lives of young people around Europe, and how they have been able to travel, learn, train and grow all thanks to the EU.We all have things that we’re passionate about: from training to travelling, surfing the internet to saving the world. Living in the European Union provides endless opportunities to do what you love – wherever that may lead. EU legislation and initiatives can help unlock your potential and ignite your inspiration, giving you the tools to pursue your passion.Want to expand your horizons? Well, it all comes down to EU and me.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Leaders comment on Mellieħa building collapse

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Credit: Branko StoilovCredit: Branko Stoilov Both party leaders referred to the collapse of a building in Mellieha this weekend which left an elderly woman traumatised after being rescued from the rubble.Read also: Watch: Elderly woman rushed to hospital after building collapse in MelliehaUpdate 2: Mellieħa: Should membership of the new construction regulator be manditory?Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the investigations into the collapse are underway and that these need to be concluded before a way forward is plotted.Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia said that the PN is not against development but this needs to be tempered by good practice. He said that while the investigations need to be concluded, responsibilities need to be shouldered. Delia said that planning and enforcement of regulations need to happen before fatalities occur.WhatsApp SharePrintlast_img read more