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Grand Paris CBTC contract awarded

first_imgFRANCE: RATP has awarded Siemens a contract to supply CBTC signalling for the southern extension of metro Line 14 being built as part of the Grand Paris Express project. Siemens’ Trainguard MT will replace the current signalling on the existing stretch of the driverless line. It will also be installed on the southern extension to Orly, as well as the northern extension to Saint-Denis-Pleyel, which are due to be completed by 2024. Onboard equipment will be retrofitted to the current fleet of 35 trains and installed on the 37 trains that Alstom is supplying for the extensions. Once both extensions have opened, Line 14 will be 28 km long with 21 stations. The signalling is intended to permit headways as low as 85 sec, increasing the line’s capacity to 40 000 passengers/h per direction from 30 000 at present. Siemens will also equip the operations control centre and help to implement a new back-up operations control centre to be shared with other lines. The contract includes an option for maintenance over the lifetime of the signalling.last_img read more

Dominicans advised to preserve the Forest

first_imgLocalNews Dominicans advised to preserve the Forest by: Dominica Vibes News – March 21, 2015 Share Share The Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division is appealing to the general public to help save the country’s forest.The call comes in light of the observance of International Day of the Forests, today, Saturday 20 March 2015, under the theme ‘Forests/Climate/Change’.This year’s theme was chosen to highlight the ways in which forest and climate change are linked and to rally global support for greater action and change.Forestry officer Jacqueline Andre told Dominica Vibes on Friday 20 March, one of the main aims of the observance is to target the youth and students to start creating that awareness of the importance of the forest and tress.“We want to try to address some of the issues like deforestation and how important it is to keep our forest”.“We realize that the forest has many benefits to us, we are being promoted as the Nature Island of the Caribbean and it is because we still have over sixty percent of our forest which provides us with lots of water,” Andre explained.She added that International Day of the Forests will build that awareness and ensure that people are thinking about the importance of the forest, before cutting a tree or do any form of development. She added that in comparison with the other countries, there is not a deforestation problem in Dominica but, “we still have to be considerate with our action”.“We understand that people do have to build homes and we have to eat, but this can be done in a manner so we can balance it”.“If you have to build a house, you should know exactly where you want to build your house so you can just cut the trees that you need to cut,” Andre advised.Ms. Andre said it is better to keep the area forested than cut down the trees and later realize that is the tree is essential as it provides shade.“We want to show them [students] a comparison of other islands that don’t have forest. Before Haiti had a lot of forest, now when it rains they floods quickly, there is limited food and no clean water.”She added the goal is to get the students and the younger generation to appreciate the forest. “When you talk to the children at school they are able to educate their parents. Sometimes as grownups, we are very set in our mind and sometimes it’s difficult for us to change,” Andre stated. Sharecenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! 377 Views   3 commentslast_img read more

DAPD’s Multipurpose Development Center entering final phase

first_img Share LocalNews DAPD’s Multipurpose Development Center entering final phase by: Dominica Vibes News – June 6, 2018 Sharing is caring! Tweet Sharecenter_img 95 Views   no discussions Share President of the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities, Irma Raymond JosephA Multipurpose Development Center for the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD) is in its final stages.The progress of the multipurpose development centre, which will be constructed on the top floor of the DAPD’s headquarters in Goodwill, was recently confirmed by DAPD’s President, Irma Raymond Joseph.Joseph, who was addressing the DAPD’s 34th annual general meeting on 30 May 2018, said the DAPD has had to move its office around for a long time.“There was a time that DAPD looked like it was going to wrap up its operations because we did not have a physical office,” she said. Joseph explained that DAPD’s founder Reginald Rolle, now deceased, would visit the Government Headquarters on a daily basis to request a portion of land for the DAPD to establish its headquarters. “During all this time, DAPD was functioning from his [Reginald Rolle] private home. If he did not have a vision, DAPD would have already perished,” she added. DAPD’s current structure at Goodwill comprises of an open office, a training unit and a dormitory. “The final phase we are awaiting very soon to complete our multipurpose development center to have the auditorium on the top floor,” Joseph said.last_img read more

Kweyol Wandezvous kicks off

first_img Share Tweet Sharing is caring! EntertainmentLocalNews Kweyol Wandezvous kicks off by: – October 22, 2018 Sharecenter_img Share 431 Views   no discussions Kweyol Wandezvous officially begins today at the Botanic Gardens.Creole Rendezvous will be a four day event with an assortment of daily themes in line with the Re-Discover Dominica Campaign.Earlson Mathew from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture said that the event will provide a platform for local bands and artists to show case their talent.“The event will provide a platform for local artist to showcase their talents as well as an opportunity to share and preserve seemingly endangered traditions to a very large and diverse audience,” he noted.Each day will follow a theme with Day 1 being Re-Discover Fun, Day 2 Re-Discover Mystery, Day 3 Re-Discover Taste and Day 4 Re Discover Music.“All of the daily activities will culminate with a variety DJ’s and at least two local bands and other local artists,” Matthew added.Kweyol Wandezvous is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and will be held at the Botanical Gardens 22nd – 25th October, 2018 with an admission fee of five dollars.last_img read more

Pasternack Introduces Relay Controlled Programmable Attenuators

first_imgPasternack has introduced a new series of Relay Controlled Programmable Attenuators that operate from DC to 2000 MHz with attenuation levels ranging from 0 to 127 dB. Typical applications for these attenuators include signal conditioning and level control, matching impedances of sources and loads and measuring the gain or loss of two-port devices.Relay Controlled Programmable Attenuators offer accurate and stable performance with very low harmonic distortion (IMD) and cover multiple RF frequency bands down to DC. They are popular for use in military and commercial satellite and ground communication systems, cable modem and cellular telephone testing, radar, telecommunications and automatic test equipment (ATE).Pasternack’s six new models of relay controlled programmable attenuators cover broad frequency bands from DC to 2000 MHz. Depending on the model, attenuator designs have 6 to 8 relay bits with attenuation steps ranging from 0.25 dB to 64 dB for precise tuning capability. Typical performance includes low insertion loss ranging from 0.8 to 3.5 dB, attenuation accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB and input power up to 1-watt CW. For added convenience, models are offered in 50 and 75 Ohm configurations and feature bidirectional performance capability.These attenuator assemblies are RoHS compliant and available in rugged nickel-plated brass packages with either female SMA or F-type connectors. Each relay bit has a designated RFI pin with a DC bias of +12 Vdc and 15 to 30 mA depending on the model. All models are export-rated as EAR99 and have an operational temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.Pasternack’s relay controlled programmable attenuators are in stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity. Click here to learn more.last_img read more

Kaya Iloilo stuns Fiji in friendly

Fiji once again threatened to come to within 1 late in the match after a Radrigal conversion but the visiting squad was not able to muster another goal for another close loss.It was Fiji’s second friendly match defeat in the Philippines. Last Thursday it also lost 2-3 to the Philippine Azkals at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium./PN MANILA – Kaya Iloilo boosted its preparation for the Philippines Football League (PFL) with a 3-2 victory over Fiji national football team in a friendly at the Biñan Football Stadium in Laguna.Ilonggo Jovin Bedic, Alfred Osei and Connor Tacagni scored a goal each for Kaya Iloilo. Remuera Tekiata and Dave Radrigal were the goal scorers for the visiting team.The Iloilo-based squad went off to a strong start with Osei draining a close-range hit in the second minute and Bedic converting a strike in the 33rd on Saturday.Fiji made the match interesting three minutes into the second half with Remuera converting from a corner. Kaya Iloilo raise d the advantage to two anew with Tacagni scoring in the 82nd minute. read more

Rio History: A Man Named Isaac and Why the First Singer Sewing Machine Came to Texas

first_img RelatedRio History: Why the First Sewing Machine in Texas was Delivered to Padre IslandBy STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS If it were not for a chance meeting of two brothers on the streets of New York City, separated for almost a quarter of a century, the name Singer might never have become synonymous with the sewing machine. In 1851, you could say that…April 7, 2017In “News”Excess EDC funds allocatedBy ABBEY KUNKLE Special to the PRESS February 19, 2015 The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) met Tuesday morning for their regular meeting. A major focus during the meeting was the discussion of allocation of the excess reserves in the amount of $199,597. Because of discussion during a recent workshop, first…February 20, 2015In “News”Rio History: Up in SmokeBy STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS The letter read in part: “Dear Steve, I just read your story about the various kinds of driftwood to be found on the beaches of Padre Island. You mentioned a redwood table you have in your rare book room. We here in California do…April 28, 2017In “News” Share By Steve HathcockSpecial to the Parade“The announcement that the will of Mrs. Singer, a relative of the late millionaire sewing machine inventor Isaac Merritt Singer had been read was a sad day for the relatives of the late William A Townsend, former book publisher,” read the headlines of the November 12, 1905 issue of the New York News.“No,” the article continued, “the Townsends were not relatives or even friends of the deceased. No, their grief was not at the passing of the widow herself, whom they had never met, rather their sense of loss was at the size of her estate, half of which would have been theirs if only ‘old man Townsend’ had  not exposed himself as a pompous ass a half century ago.”Early in 1851, William A. Townsend was a successful book publisher with a stable of writers that included such literary giants as James Fenimore Cooper, whose “last of the Mohicans inspired a slow building of recognition for the plight of the American Indians, to Frank G Forrester a rod and gun writer whose exploits were told and retold all across the country.One day a tall burly man dressed in shabby clothes and carrying the model of his newest machine came to his office and to the intense irritation of Townsend, proceeded to extol the virtues of his new device which was an improvement Elias Howe’s sewing machine which in its current design, proved very unreliable and was prone to breakdown. He himself had redesigned the machine in such a way that it would become one of the greatest mechanical improvements of the age but he had not the means to secure the patent and put it in the market. All he needed to perfect his patent was $500. In exchange for the money, he offered Townsend a half interest in all the profits he (the inventor) was sure to make.The man, whose first name was Isaac, was no stranger to Townsend. Just a few years earlier, he had patented an improvement in the manufacturing of movable type made from wood. Townsend’s career had taken a great leap about that time due in part to Isaac’s invention, which greatly enhancedthe speed of production and reduced the cost of printing. Townsend was not interested though. Books were his business and besides, if the truth were known, Townsend felt uncomfortable with the man’s entire demeanor and the way he was practically begging for the money.  Stating he “had not time for such a project,” Townsend dismissed the man sending him and his contraption away.Dejectedly, Isaac took his machine and left. He returned a couple of days later and asked Townsend to reconsider his proposition but Townsend was adamant, if the machine could not be used in the printing industry then he, Townsend was not interested.Pondering his dilemma as he walked the streets of New York City, Isaac miraculously found himself face to face with his long-lost brother, John. After a great deal of conversation, Isaac said, “So there is my story brother. I am broke and to keep my share of the partnership, I must raise $500.”Reaching into a leather money belt strapped around his waist, John removed a thick sheave of bank notes and peeled off the amount asked. “Here brother,” John said, nonchalantly as he handed the bills to Isaac, “good luck to you for I am off to the Texas frontier.” After the meeting with his brother, John finished his own business in New York City and boarded the first steamer to New Orleans. There he loaded his wife and their new child aboard the Alice Sadell, a three-masted schooner, and set sail for Texas. His story is in Behind the Third Dune.In the meantime, unable to reach a settlement, Elias Howe sued Isaac and his partners for patent infringement. The lawsuit revolved around one issue. Like Howe’s machine, the Singer Sewing Machine used thread from two different sources and needle with its eye at the point which whenthe machine was engaged, would push the thread through the fabric, thus creating a loop on the opposite side.  Then a sliding shuttle slipped the thread through the loop. The returning needle drew the thread tight, which created a perfect lockstitch.The outcome of the whole affair rested in the hands of Judge Sprague of Massachusetts who announced his ruling one fine day in 1852, stating, “The plaintiff’s patent is valid and the defendant’s machine is aninfringement.”A settlement was soon reached between Howe and the partners. All agreed that Isaac Singer was by far the greater promoter and the Singer Sewing machine, patent infringement aside, was the superior machine. Finally, the two sides agreed that Singer and company would manufacture anddistribute the machine and Howe would be paid a royalty of five dollars for each one sold. The new machine would aptly be called, “The Singer Sewing Machine.”Prologue: New York City: 1853. A large wooden crate is delivered to the wharves in New York City where it is placed in the hold of a steamship bound for the Gulf of Mexico. The packing label reads, To Captain John Singer and wife, General delivery, Brazos Santiago, Texas.  This was the first Singer Sewing Machine delivered to Texas.last_img read more

West Florida remains No. 7 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper poll

first_img  PENSACOLA, Fla. – After a rain-shortened week, the West Florida baseball team held its spot at No. 7 in Monday’s edition of the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper Division II national coaches’ poll. The Argonauts won their only game last week, a 5-4 win over NAIA opponent Mobile, and they will take a 9-1 record into this weekend’s Gulf South Conference opener at No. 1 ranked Delta State.DSU (10-0) took over the top spot in the poll and switched spots with previous No. 2 ranked Mount Olive (12-1). Mount Olive is followed by No. 3 Tampa (10-2), No. 4 Chico State (11-1) and No. 5 Lander (12-2) in the top five.  Along with Delta State, Tampa and UWF, South Region members No. 19 Alabama-Huntsville (13-3) and No. 23 Saint Leo (10-2) earned spots in the top 30.Center fielder Dustin Saulmon (Panama City, Fla./Alabama Southern CC) is UWF’s top hitter so far in 2013, batting .432 with 14 runs and 10 stolen bases. First baseman Cliff Covington (McIntosh, Ala./Alabama Southern CC) is also off to a strong start, hitting .429 with four doubles and a team-best eight RBIs. Left-hander Drew Bryson (Cullman, Ala./Wallace State CC-Hanceville) leads the pitching staff with a 2-0 record and a 0.63 ERA.The Argos will travel to Cleveland, Miss. to face Delta State this weekend to open conference play. Saturday’s doubleheader is scheduled to start at 12 p.m., and Sunday’s series finale will start at 2 p.m. Delta State is coming off a national runner-up finish in 2012, and the Statesmen returned many of the same players in 2013. The team is averaging 10 runs per game offensively and the pitching staff holds a 2.51 ERA.For information on all UWF athletics, visit #ARGOS#Collegiate Baseball Newspaper Division II National Coaches’ Poll Print Friendly Version First baseman Cliff Covington leads UWF with eight RBIs this year (Photo by Chris Nelson/ Sharecenter_img West Florida remains No. 7 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper polllast_img read more

Takanawa Gateway Menjadi Stasiun Modern dengan Robot Pemandu Penumpang

first_imgMemiliki tiga lantai dengan panjang atap sekitar 110 meter yang terinspirasi dari origami, stasiun ini juga memiliki ubin untuk lantai dan tangga dengan pola serat kayu. Bahkan atapnya memungkinkan cahaya mengalir melalui atrium sehingga menciptakan nuansa lapang ke ruangan tertutup yang terbuat dari kaca.Tak hanya eksterior yang futuristik, stasiun ini dilengkapi berbagai macam robot yang bisa membantu penumpang dalam berbagai hal. Ada empat mesin signage digital yang dipasang di dalam dan luar gerbang tiket untuk memberi informasi terkait pergantian kereta api dan lokasi wisata terdekat.Penumpang yang membutuhkan bantuan bisa mengucapkannya ke mikrofon dan mesin akan memunculkan rute serta peta kereta dan perkiraan penumpang untuk mencapainya. Data tersebut juga bisa dikirim melalui ponsel pintar dengan memindai kode QR.Ada juga enam robot yang menangani keamanan dan pembersihan, di mana robot keamanan bisa mendeteksi penumpang dengan tongkat putih. Setelah deteksi dilakukan, robot dapat menghubungi staf keamanan manusia untuk memastikan penumpang akan diberikan bantuan jika perlu.Fungsi pengenalan wajah pada robot akan memungkinkan untuk menemukan anak-anak yang hilang atau bahkan orang-orang yang terdaftar sebagai polisi yang diinginkan untuk ditanyai dalam hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kejahatan. Sedangkan robot pembersih menggunakan sensor yang dipasang di seluruh stasiun untuk menentukan tingkat kepadatan. Ini memungkinkan mereka untuk melakukan tugas-tugas mereka tanpa mengganggu penumpang yang bergerak di sekitar stasiun.Robot kursi roda bahkan dapat mengangkut penumpang ke toilet atau lift jika permintaan dimasukkan ke dalam mesin. Toko serba ada dengan sistem pembayaran otomatis “Touch to Go” akan diatur di dalam gerbang tiket di lantai dua. Dalam toko serba ada ini, sekitar 50 kamera dipasang di langit-langit monitor barang yang dipilih oleh pelanggan untuk pembelian. Jika pembayaran dilakukan dengan uang elektronik, seperti kartu Suica, gerbang keluar terbuka secara otomatis.Toko berencana untuk menyimpan sekitar 600 item, termasuk makan siang kotak bento, minuman dan makanan ringan. Diketahui, awalnya pembukaan Takanawa Gateway ini pada 14 Maret lalu, namun karena adanya Covid-19, maka tidak diadakan upacara pembukaan.Dulunya, daerah sekitar Stasiun Takanawa Gateway digunakan sebagai pangkalan kereta api dan tidak memiliki fasilitas yang diterima oleh orang Tokyo. Tapi itu tidak menghentikan 350 atau lebih penggemar kereta api berkumpul sekitar jam 04.00 pagi waktu setempat bahkan sebelum stasiun dibuka untuk umum.Kedatangan kereta pertama dalam jaringan dari Jalur Yamanote pada pukul 04.35 pagi memicu kegilaan di antara para penggemar yang menunggu tepuk tangan para penumpang yang turun dan pergi ke pesta pora mengambil foto.Masahiro Nomura, 33, seorang karyawan perusahaan yang tinggal di Abiko, Prefektur Chiba, termasuk yang pertama kali datang. Dia terkesan dengan “atmosfer kuat ke Jepang-an” yang melingkupi kompleks itu, terutama jumlah kayu yang digunakan, dikombinasikan dengan robot-robot futuristik yang sedang bekerja.Nama Stasiun Takanawa Gateway diberikan dalam skrip katakana, menjadikan stasiun itu satu-satunya di jalur Yamanote atau Keihin-Tohoku untuk tidak sepenuhnya bergantung pada karakter kanji untuk namanya.Baca juga: Keluarkan Unek-Unek Selama Bekerja, Petugas Stasiun Kereta Api Jepang Curhat di Twitter“Saya pikir penumpang akan dengan cepat terbiasa dengan nama katakana dari stasiun,” kata Nomura.Kepala stasiun Taka Nakamura mengatakan dia berharap pengunjung stasiun akan “menikmati kehangatan kayu” dan meminta maaf sebesar-besarnya atas keputusan untuk membatalkan upacara pembukaan. Dia menambahkan bahwa staf stasiun akan melakukan segala upaya untuk mencegah penyebaran infeksi Covid-19 dengan menyediakan desinfektan pembersih tangan.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedEnam Jenis Robot Beroperasi di Stasiun Gateway Takanawa13/04/2020In “Darat”Wuih, Ada Robot Desinfektan Beroperasi di Stasiun Takanawa Gateway29/07/2020In “Darat”Merasakan Nostalgia Satu Abad Lalu di Stasiun Mojiko Jepang15/11/2018In “Darat” Stasiun Gateway Takanawa Setelah 50 tahun, akhirnya Stasiun Takanawa Gateway dibuka di JR Yamanote Line di Tokyo. Ini merupakan stasiun pertama yang dibuka di jalur Yamanote sejak 1971 ketika Nishi-Nippori di tambahkan ke jaringan. Pembukaannya membuat jumlah stasiun di jalur yang dioperasikan JR East japan Railway Company menjadi berjumlah 30 stasiun dan juga digunakan oleh Keihin-Tohoku Line.Baca juga: Jepang Punya Bartender Robot, Ada di Stasiun IkebukuroTakanawa Gateway memiliki bangunan stasiun yang menampilkan perpaduan eksotis antara estetika dan berbagai robot Jepang untuk membantu penumpang. melansir (14/3/2020), bangunan stasiun dirancang oleh Kengo Kuma, arsitek terkenal yang juga merancang Stadion Nasional tempat utama Olimpiade Tokyo,.Pertama kali kereta tiba di Stasiun Takanawa Gateway ( read more

Lack of Run Support, Bullpen Implosions Diminishing Kluber’s Dominance

first_img Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games. While Corey Kluber has been at his best for the past month, the Cleveland Indians offense and even their usually dominant bullpen seem to be on the exact opposite end of the spectrum when he pitches.Dating back to June 14, the All-Star right hander has been on an historic run, striking out ten or more in five consecutive starts, a streak which ended Sunday night, when he fanned eight batters in five innings.Kluber’s latest start against the Detroit Tigers was far from his best, but he still only allowed one run on three hits and issued three walks.When he left the game, it was tied at one and the Indians managed only three hits off of Tigers All-Star Michael Fulmer in the first five innings.While the Tribe would have loved to receive a deeper outing from Kluber, he once again put the team in position to win, just like he did in all of his last six starts.The only problem is that out of those six games, the Tribe went 2 and 4, failing to take advantage of his Cy Young-caliber performances.Looking back at his last six starts, beginning on June 14, it hasn’t been pretty to see how the bats and bullpen have failed to back up their ace.June 14: Tribe vs. DodgersKluber allowed two earned runs in seven innings, striking out 10, allowing four hits and walking one.When he left the game, the scored was tied at two apiece. The bullpen proceeded to give up four runs in the eighth and lost 6-4.That game surprisingly was lost by Andrew Miller, who had a rough two-game stretch against the Dodgers in that series.Call it a blip on the radar, but it was the start of both a dominant and frustrating stretch for Kluber.June 19: Tribe @ OriolesCleveland’s offense exploded for 12 runs and Kluber pitched a complete game shutout, striking out 11 and not leaving anything to chance.That game may have made up for some of the other quiet offensive nights when Kluber pitches, but it also inflates his 2017 season run support, which at its surface of 5.38 runs per start looks good, but the numbers are deceiving because of a couple big nights.Here’s where things start to get pretty ugly from the offensive side.June 24: Tribe vs. TwinsKluber pitched seven innings, allowing no earned runs and striking out 13.His defense made two costly errors in the first inning, which put the Tribe behind 2-0.He allowed only three hits on the day.Kluber exited with the Tribe trailing 2-1 midway through the seventh inning.Cleveland tied the game at two in the bottom of the seventh.Minnesota scored a run in the eighth and a run in the ninth, winning 4-2, as the Tribe’s offense once again fell silent.**Three straight games with 10 or more strikeouts and less than two earned runs allowed…. Indians record: 1-2**June 29: Tribe vs. RangersKluber was on his A-Game once again when Mike Napoli was in town and worked eight innings, allowing one run and striking out 12.Fortunately, Cleveland brought the bats to the ballpark and scored five runs. The bullpen didn’t blow it and Kluber picked up the win.**Four straight starts with 10 or more strikeouts and less than two earned runs allowed… Indians record: 2-2**July 4: Indians vs. PadresThe only fireworks provided were for the 4th of July celebration downtown, as the Tribe offense gave Kluber and its fans nothing to celebrate.The Tribe lost 1-0.Kluber pitched a gem, per usual, allowing one run and striking out 10 over eight innings of work.The Indians were held scoreless by Padres starting pitcher Trevor Cahill and five relievers most Tribe fans have never heard of.**Five straight starts with 10 or more strikeouts and less than two earned runs allowed… Indians record 2-3**Everyone has their bad nights and bad stretches, but it became even more ridiculous on Sunday night.July 9: Indians vs. TigersKluber’s streak of 10 or more strikeouts came to an end, but eight K’s in five innings would be a stellar outing for 95 percent of the rest of MLB starting pitchers.More importantly, Kluber only allowed one run on the night.As soon as he left the game, the bullpen imploded, as Nick Goody (who’s had a spectacular season aside from Sunday night) allowed three earned runs in the top of the sixth and the Tribe found themselves down 4-1.The Indians offense could not respond in the bottom of the sixth and Otero gave up a run in the top of the seventh.Jose Ramirez, as he’s done all season, delivered a clutch two-run homer in the bottom of the seventh to make it a 5-3 game and give the Indians some signs of life.Cleveland put runners at first and second with nobody out and the go-ahead run at the plate, but failed to capitalize after that and left a pair of runners stranded heading into the eighth.The Indians loaded the bases in the bottom of the eighth and left all three runners stranded, still trailing 5-3 after eight innings of play.Cleveland was shut down in the ninth, despite a two-out single from Bradley Zimmer and lost 5-3, finishing the night with eight runners left on base, six of which came in the seventh inning or later.In Kluber’s last six starts, the Indians are 2-4.He has not allowed more than two earned runs in any of those starts.If Cleveland’s offense and bullpen played up to their normal standards or even to the standards of any average MLB club, the Tribe could and should have went 6-0 in that stretch and Kluber would enter the All-Star Break with an 11-2 record.Instead, he’s 7-3 and although the wins and losses aren’t a significant stat next to a pitcher’s name, the end results of these games have been inexcusable for a club with World Series aspirations. The players know that and are well-aware they have it step it up in the second half.The Tribe (47-40) is not in a bad place heading into the All-Star Break, as they sit atop the American League Central with a 2.5 game lead over the Minnesota Twins, but if this team is going to have any shot of repeating as American League Champions, they’re going to have to stop wasting starts from their Cy Young-winner, especially considering how shaky the rest of the rotation has been all season. Related Topicscenter_img Matt Medleylast_img read more